How to Promote your new Website

This is a simple list of ten things you can do yourself to further promote your website – these things will bring you more traffic which brings many benefits (naturally including more jobs generated for you).

Most things on this list are entirely free. The few that cost anything are very cheap for any business.

One of these benefits is that additional visitors to your website makes Google rank your website higher – making it easier for new customers to find and call you.

1. Place the website address on your documents, cards and other advertising

  • Application Forms
  • Business Cards
  • Email Signatures
  • Invoices (electronic and paper)
  • Letterheads
  • NFC Tags (contact for further information)
  • Sales Material / Proposals
  • Signage (if not possible, then future signage)
  • Stamps, Stickers
  • Work summaries
  • Work Vehicle Decals

2. Print a specific card just for your website, and give it to customers upon service completion (or packaged with goods).

The more your customers visit your website, the more we learn about them and what they're interested in reading about your services – this information puts you in a better position to make decisions on things such as pricing and future marketing.

3. Take photos frequently – for Social Media

When you complete a particularly interesting work, your best job of the week, or a particularly interesting customer story we suggest you (if professionally appropriate) to take a photo of this work, and provide a short story/description of the experience – post this on your Facebook, Instagram or any other social media you have – and ALWAYS link back to the website.

4. Update your website content

It is simple to update your website – we take care of it for you. Simply email us: with your latest website message / business change or update and we'll make the change in no time!

5. Contact your local community websites

By communicating with local business groups you may be able to get your website featured on their community pages – links back to your website are very valuable as they increase your business's legitimacy within Google and improve your PageRank.

6. Ensure you have basic/free services from common directories

Ensure that you contact local directory websites and request that they put your website link on their directory website – you do not need their additional paid services – just having your business details and website link on their website – we want them to refer traffic to you – not the other way around. We can measure the benefit their website bring to you (through the website).

7. Contact local media outlets

If you're able to be featured in the print news by local media outlets then be sure to get them to include a link back to your website in the article they write – this can often be one of the easiest ways to generate interested traffic to your business.

8. Word of Mouth

We're in Auckland, New Zealand – not the United States. No method has been tested more than the traditional word-of-mouth. Tell your friends about the website, ask them to tell their friends, contact your personal friends through your company's Facebook page and ask them to Like and Spread the Word about your new website.

9. SEO Improvement / Upgrade

If you want to join our select group of customers that are paying for on-going SEO and are realising real and measurable results in their business then please email us on and we can arrange an upgrade to your existing website content as well as on-going reviews of your content.

10. Try a Google AdWords Campaign

For as little as $300 per month you can initiate a Google Adwords campaign. This campaign can be highly targetted at traffic within the proximity of your store or can be less targetted and aimed at obtaining a large number of viewers. For example, one of our customers ran an advert for a month and got 5,500 advert views, as well as many visits to his website – greatly improving his new store location information.Another customer ran a highly targetted campaign attracting over 80 enquiries within a very small radius in the offices surrounding his store. Both of these campaigns were low cost and were run month by month. Please enquire with us today if you have a genuine interest in attracting further customers to your location or brand.

If you have any further questions about how you can promote your website just give us a call or send us an email today!

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